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Shermichael Singleton




Political Strategist who worked on three Republican presidential campaigns: Gingrich, Romney, and Carson. Served as an opposition researcher/analyst for America Rising, the most prominent conservative opposition research firm in the U.S. Former Deputy Chief of Staff at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. One of the youngest deputies in the agency's history. Formerly: CNN Political Commentator and Co-host of “Consider It” presented by Vox Media in partnership with Facebook. Forbes Under 30 - 2019. Frequent appearances on MSNBC. Contributor to The Boston Globe. *Monthly columns on domestic and international politics and policy. Bylines: The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, and CNBC. Current project: Host of Screen Share on MSNBC’s Peacock. Co-owner of GunsOutTV and GOFilms (, a production company that focuses on firearms culture and other action oriented content. Clients include several billion dollars firms both within and outside of the firearms space.