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Robynn Sheridan




The Self Love Emissary 💗 I empower individuals to step into their personal power by teaching them how to recognize their Inner Light 🔆 🌟Certified: Personal/Spiritual Mentor, Theta Healing Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner, USUI SHIKI RYOHO Reiki Teacher/Healer(25+years), Intuitive Oracle Reader/Healer/Mediumship Channeling, Meditation, Light Language, Psychic Empath🌟 🤗Come on over to Instagram and check out my bio & book a free consultation🌹 💗My Personal Mentoring Process is guiding a path of connection to your heart, mind, body and spirit. We clear subconscious programming, beliefs, and past trauma in a gentle fashion using Theta healing techniques. ✨Discover and release limiting beliefs ✨Find your sense of purpose in life ✨Discover talents and skills ✨Discover your Soul purpose ✨Find a solution to every situation ✨See hope were there once was fear ✨Find forgiveness - let go of guilt ✨Find balance - release resentment ✨Find focus were once there was anger ✨Discover how to create your desires ✨Release past life beliefs - contracts. ✨Discover your Soul purpose ⭐️With the Akashic Reading report you discover where your Soul originated in the Universe, what your Soul gifts are and what your Soul is here to clean up and how to create positive Karma. It allows you to step back into full alignment with why you are here. ✨Theta healing makes changes in subconscious programs clearing cellular memory that allows your heart and mind to release what no longer works for you. ☕️Book a free coffee chat and let’s discover more about each other and how I can support you🤗