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Shelly Burns




🔥 I help women manifest their IDEAL LIVES, pivoting from Surviving to Thriving🌟Manifestation Expert, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher🙏🏼 My Passion: ❤️ Being Clairsentient allows me to connect to you on a deeper level as I feel energies and can sense the blockages or obstacles that are holding you back. These can be anything from limiting self beliefs, a toxic relationship, a negative mindset, sabotaging patterns, trauma or anxiety, a dead end job or simply not knowing your true purpose. Sessions include: 🔥1:1 Coaching if you are needing a reset or top up to get you back on track 🔥 💪 90 Day Manifest Your Best Life Programme💪 👭6 Week Programme on Healing Ancestral/ Family Trauma 👭 💪 Surviving a Narcissist Programme 💪 🙏🏼 Akashic Record Reading 🙏🏼 💖 FREE GRATITUDE BLUEPRINT: Join my FB Group 👇👇👇 Empowered Mindful Women: Manifesting through Conscious Choice Make sure you hit the bell beside my name and choose ALWAYS to get notified when I start rooms 🛎 📲DM me on Instagram to see how I can help you