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Pronounced: Tam-a-ra 🎙️Book & Pop Culture Podcaster (Host, Producer, and Editor. 600+ episodes published, 8+ years podcasting) 📚 KDP Low Content Publisher By day, I have a corporate career as a Business Analyst. By night, my creativity comes to life as I podcast about books and pop culture. I also create notebooks, journals, planners, and more that I sell on Amazon KDP. ********************************** More About Me: 📍Metro Detroit 🇺🇲 🎓BBA 💍Married 📚Book Reader and 🎧Audiobook Listener 📺TV & Movie 🎬 Watcher 🎙️Podcast Enthusiast 🌎 🛫 World Traveler 🍽️Food & 🍷 Wine Adventurer 🚘🔋EV Owner 🧘🏽‍♀️Yoga Novice ⛳ Sporadically Golf For Fun Only 📚 Book Club Founder/Leader 📱 Podcast Brunch Club Chapter Leader (Metro Detroit) 🎮 Casual Gamer ********************************* Creator and host of the literary podcast, Shelf Addiction, and the TV and movie fan podcast series, The Recap! 🎙️What's the Shelf Addiction Podcast about? Shelf Addiction is a literary podcast where I and my book nerd co-hosts talk about fiction books and bookish topics in an unfiltered and entertaining way. It's like sitting in on your favorite book club! Shelf Addiction Podcast 📚: 🔗 🎙️What's The Recap! Podcast series about? Various co-hosts and I come together to talk about scripted and reality TV, as well as other pop culture topics. This longest running show covers The Walking Dead universe! The Recap! The Walking Dead Universe 🧟‍♀️: 🔗 Follow all of my social media at 🔗 📸Don't miss my food and travel IG page, 🔗