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Shaheed Ahmed




✨Spiritual Worker/Advisor|Oracle✨ 144🧿 Life Path 7 | 9 Of Clubs SOULVIBE Life Path Numerology 🖊 $shaheed425 Eczema Chronic Disease Survivor💪🏾 🌱 Feel Free to Reach Out ☪️ I make Music for Inspiring the Collective✨ Intuitive Freestyler/ Songwriter | Singer | I Lead Meditation| Spiritual Entrepreneur 🧿 LiFE Path Numerology✨ I work with others to find guidance through And According to their LiFE PATH number✨ $shadivine425 • • Guided Meditator Jersey • Philly • Reiki Healer (Virtual Sessions) LOVE Donations 💰🌗 Energy is the Currency✨ The Highest Human Act is to Inspire 🚀 CONSCIOUS RAPPER/Artist Manifester Generator🧿 Advisor Educator Mental Health Advocate Writer|Poet|MusicArtist 🎶 ♉️ ProphetLifePath~7 Fitness • Health Plantbased•Herbalist 🌱 Musician•Vocalist•Singer•MC•. ConsciousRapper•• KNOWLEDGE• Philosopher| LoveLight&Healing Learner • Teacher • Intuitive •REiKi Healer ✨ Chronic Disease Survivor Let’s rise up 🚀 Connect on IG 🧿