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Dr. Sherri Reese




PhD in Public Policy and Administration and Industrial & Organizational Psychology with a focus in Human Resources Management and Family Child Ecology I am the Daughter of the King. My assignment is to cultivate what you carry! Are you ready to design the life that you were created to live? Let’s heal and build! 💰💴Financial Coach 💻⌨️Business Coach and Mentor 🧠 🌎Mind Mapping Queen 💎🔌Serial Entrepreneur 👩🏽‍🎓🎓 University Professor 💼👑Human Resources (DEI, Talent Acquisition and Development, Career Advancement Coaching) 🔌Owner and Founder of Designed IV Greatness whose mission is to help others to build wealth on purpose Black Doctor|Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant|Human Resources Specialist|Industrial and Organizational Psychologist and Consultant 🎙Podcast: Rich People Conver$ation$ on Apple, Amazon and YouTube (subscribe to Designed IV Greatness) 📍Michigan resident My intent in Clubhouse is to network and connect with like minded people who are walking or looking to walk into their purpose. 📥Email: [email protected] 💻