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🥀Burlesque Producer 🧜‍♀️ Kinky Siren Switchress 🎭 Immersive Theatre Artist 💃Interdisciplinary EroticNoir Artist 👯‍♀️Pole Dance Instructor ⚔️ BDSM Practitioner 🕯Ritual Performer 🧪 Mad Witchy Scientist 💻 💰 Venmo: @shayaulait 💵 CashApp: $IAmShayAuLait Never mind my pronouns, I want to hear you say my name, Shay Au Lait. (Pronounced: Shay-O-Lay.) By day, I moonlight in Award-winning Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Production Stage Management & Event Management. But don’t tell anyone since according to Sally Hogshead, I’m the “Secret Weapon.” (15+ yrs) The Enneagram states that I am the Investigator, the Challenger and the Reformer. MY CREATIVE LIFE OFF CLUBHOUSE 🥀Founder of SpeakEasy Noir - (explore shadow play for your shadow work) 🖤 CoCreator of Sensing Race workshops and the Sensual Race Retreat 🧜‍♀️Founder & Executive Producer of Siren Pack Productions 🎙Host of Spreadsheets & Spreadeagle podcast 🪘Certified Instructor with The Emotional Institute - (emotional healing & primal movement to live African drums.) 🦄 Guest Instructor with The School of Mythopoetics What is Burlesque?: Emotional storytelling, Extreme parody & Extravagant reveals. 🇨🇲🇳🇬 Black American (My DNA says Cameroon and Nigeria) 🌈 GenderQueer yet AFAB ( gender is an archetype to me. “AFAB: assigned female at birth”) ♥️ Polyamorous (high protocol, hierarchical polyam) | Pansexual | Greysexual You’re free to ask me about any of my identities and descriptors. ♣️🏠 WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME ON THE APP 🏠 ♣️ ♣️ SpeakEasy Noir - Founder ♣️ Snap Crackle Pop Up Kink - CoFounder ♣️ The Pleasure Journey - CoMod ♣️ Villain’s Sanctuary - CoMod & Admin ♣️ The Black Kink Network - CoMod & Admin 🚩 🚩 🚩 DISCLAIMERS: (1) My presence in a room, even as a moderator is not an endorsement. I use this app to have fascinating conversations and when the room is over, the moment is over. (2) BEFORE YOU FOLLOW ME ON IG, please note my IG is a private/personal performance art account. If your sensitivities are easily triggered by visual and public displays of erotic and sensual art, please do not follow me.