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Celebrity Podcaster🎙 I help entrepreneurs build their brand through podcasting. Host of Top 💯 podcast @SchoolsOverNowWhat WHAT DO I DO? 1. 🚀 I’ve interviewed people you may have heard of like Ed Mylett, Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé’s Dad), Seth Godin and many more so you can apply their wisdom 2. 🚀 Started career as a 14 year old entreprenuer throwing parties with artist like Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and more. 3. 🚀 Went from climbing corporate ladders to Apple charts on iTunes 4. 🚀 Last but NOT LEAST- I am a supporter of anybody who got it off the struggle and made things work for them! 📍 Creator of “Podcast Secrets Revealed” on CH Follow me here 👇🏽