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Shawn Walchef




I help hospitality brands and leaders tell better stories online. “Be the show, not the commercial.” We moved our weekly Clubhouse Digital Hospitality calls to Linkedin Audio Rooms. Wednesday’s 10am PST Friday’s 10am PST DM me on LinkedIn or IG for more information. Cali BBQ Media Founder | Keynote Speaker | Restaurateur | Podcast Host | Content Collaborator “We will be friends forever, just you wait and see.” Winnie The Pooh Building The Amazon of BBQ in San Diego. Sharing everything we learn @CaliBBQMedia 🎥📲🤳🏻 📲❤️🚀 TikTok @shawnpwalchef “I am weirdly available.” -Ryan Reynolds ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️ Chief Visionary Officer/ Founder 💭🌍❤️ @CaliBBQ since 2008 @CaliBBQMedia since 2017