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Shawn James




# 1 Content Contributor on your stage! I bring sensible conversation and great moderator assistance! I AM NOT A CONTENT CREATOR. I help people who don’t know their life purpose go from lost and confused to defined and assured so they can have unimaginable success. 🎤 International Keynote Speaker, and Success Coach. Book Shawn for a event: 🔻🔻 SHAWNJAMES.NET 🔻🔻 Contact info: ⭐️⭐️ Support our black community buy purchasing items from ⭐️⭐️ 📍Atlanta, GA 🏘🏢Multi Family/Commercial Real Estate Investor, 🥷 US Army Veteran Author of “ What My Father Never Taught me About Being a Real Man” on Amazon 📖 2021-2023 Fayette County GOP Vice Chairman Outreach. Former GA State House Rep Candidate Dist. 75. Advocate for Pro Black Community and Economic Creator (Powernomics) and AADOS Reparations Supporter (From Here to Equality)