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ShaQuita Beverly




👑CONCRETE MOGULS QUEEN👑 🌪 I've Never been a Mood. ♊ I'm Always The Vibe! Creator of Concrete Moguls Magazine- The Vessel for Illuminating Black Brilliance! Philly Based....Taking Over The World!! Every month is dedicated to Black Men in Business 👑💪🏾 Catch Up! 🏆🏆 Visionary & Organizer of The April 2023 Urban Elegance Entrepreneur Awards in Philadelphia May, 27, 2023🏆🏆 Over 70 Black Entrepreneurs will be honored for their continued hard work and perseverance through these tough economic times we have had. They WILL NOT go unseen!! 👑💪🏾 🖋📕👑Contributing Author in the International Best Seller-"She Chose Him & Screwed Me-Nine Reasons For Her Decision"👑📕🖋Released 11/9/2021 👑💛Born and raised in West Philadelphia, I am a mother of one, book lover, lover of business, serial entrepreneur, networking junkie & avid crafter/creator.💛👑 👇🏾Product Creation(my baby)👇🏾 💎GEM PEN KEYCHAINS-see ig @1stladytweet💎 💎Diamond Paint Artist💎 🖋Poetess🖋 Poectic Chant released May 2022 👑💪🏾Available on Amazon 🌍 Creative Network & Coordinator ✅Moderator 🔗L.Y.N.C.🔗 Linking Your Networking Circles 👉🏾👈🏾 My mission and goal is to help link, elevate and nurture business owners through creative instruction and collaborations. There's power in numbers! Let's Grow & Glow Together 💪🏾 Connect 10kCard👉🏾 💎👑The Gem Queen👑💎 Jewelry and Accessories Consultant Discovering....Recovering....Uncovering Myself.... Peace, love, light and laughs in life!! "There's always more. Never stop dreaming FOR your dreams." -ShaQuita Beverly ✊🏾