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Shanta Samuels, M.Ed.




Mental Health-Marriage-Family-Clinician Content Creator-Advocate Crisis Counselor and Advocate for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivors ✅Dr. Samuels…..Loading 🌺The Correct Pronunciation (Shan Tay) 👉🏾I Coach Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to become Winning Entrepreneurs and Impactful Leaders within their communities. 👉🏾I Serve Business Leaders with over 30 years experience in the Business. I am here to provide value to you in the Business Administration, Financial, and Entrepreneurial Industry. While pivoting from a Corporate Employee to a Thriving Business Owner. We believe in raising up the youth Please support our youth organization. 💰Cash App: $SVB45 💰Community Sponsorship to Support the Conversation With Our Teen Queens Qtr 2 Activate to Motivate Sponsorship 2022 ✅I am a Wife. I am a Mother. I am a Grandmother. I am a Queen. 🥦🥑🍓I am a Plant Base Vegan🍇🌽🥕 🎓Educational Accomplishments 🎓A.S. General Studies 🎓B.S. Business Admin & Organizational. Leadership 🎓B.S. Insurance and Finance 🎓M.Ed Children and Adults with Autism and Disability 🎓PhD Educational Leadership in the making. Featured 🎤 & ✍🏽Speaker Endorsement By Fortune 500 Companies...🗣🧩✍🏽 🎤Women In Business Network 🎤Middlesex United Way 🎤MetLife Auto and Home 🎤Wells Fargo Advisor’s 🎤Medtronic 🎤Johnson&Johnson 🎤National Sales Network 🎤Connect College Business Accomplishments 👑100 Women of Color Honoree 22” 👑Youth Champion Award Honoree 22” 👑Blackity Black History Honoree 22” 👑Phenomenal Women Honoree 21” 👑I Am Woman Honoree 21” 👑Triumphant Woman 19” 🙌🏾✍🏽Club Creator of Visionary Mindset 🙏🏾🙌🏾 Blessed Moderator on Clubhouse —————————————————— 🧩Founder of Shanta’s Vintage Boutique 🧩Body Positivity Mindset Coach 🧩Holistic Healing Therapy 🧩Holistic Transformational Coach 🧩Parent Coach 🧩Licensed Trauma Practitioner 🧩Social Worker 🧩 Trauma Informed Practitioner 🧩 Trauma Responsive Practitioner —————————————————— Mental Health Crisis Support System 🧩 🧩 Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 🧩 Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 press 1 —————————————————— 2022 Discount … Spend $100 Save 22% ⬇️Visit us Online⬇️ _____________________________________ 👉🏾DM for a complimentary Discovery Call