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Shannon Taylor Hodnett




🏝️Galveston, TX YA/NA writer📖 who also loves photography📷, graphic design📊, books📚, journaling📕, singing🎤🎶, tarot cards🔮, making jewelry📿, music🎶, meditation🧘‍♀️, yoga🤸, Tai Chi, true crime🔍, planning/scrapbooking📒.....there's just NOT enough time in each day for all the stuff I want/need to do!😝 If I could only give up sleeping.😉💤 💉Covid-19 vaccinated🚫🦠🚫 2x + booster!😎👍 & so grateful!💕 ⚓️ Navy Vet 💕INFJ 🏳️‍⚧️ transgender ally 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ ally 🙅‍♀️ sexual abuse survivor 📈 (book) marketing 🌱 networking ☕️ support 👩‍🦰 she/her 🌎 Guinness World Record holder... GISHWHES!🥳 (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!) My site~•~ ★~•~★ Married 29yrs to ❤️Jeff, a writer w/a day job!😉〜•~we collaborated on a gorgeous & brilliant son, Jack, 27!💕 He works for a video game co...he fully taught himself Japanese, & since graduating HS he's been able to read•speak•write the Japanese language!😎👍Jackie is super into retro & rare Japanese video games🇯🇵& he wants to keep learning more languages to possible someday become a foreign language teacher/professor.🤩He's currently learning Brazilian Portuguese~•~which may be because of a certain adorable Brazilian GF!😉💖🥰It's definitely true love!❤️‍🔥 Or~•~ 〜 We have 3 dogs...1 Chihuahua, Suki; 1 Jack-ahuahua, Moxie; & 1 Pitbull mix, Tug.🥰 Our kitty boys, Malfoy & Cassius, are 1 handsome gray tabby & 1 handsome midnight black DSH, respectively.😻 Our magical menagerie is spectacularly beautiful & loved like crazy!!!❤️🐾❤️ 〜 Jeff & I met in the Navy where I was diagnosed w/an incurable kidney disorder. After 7 years on dialysis, my best & most benevolent friend, Robin, gave me 1 of her kidneys, & I am forever grateful!🥰 〜 My lifelong dream of writing was put on hold while raising Jack & dealing w/my illness. Once I got my transplant & my son got older, I rediscovered my passion for writing & took my dream off hold!😄 Through mountains of doubt & frustration, I finally completed & published my 1st novel—Solitary Sky! Now I'm working on the sequel, along with book 3 in the series!😎👍 〜I've always known that writing is my calling, which is probably why I have TOO many titles on my to-be-written list!😋 SO many stories, all patiently waiting to be told, and I WILL tell them... I refuse to let my pen rest until I've turned over the last page of my very own life story.🥰🦋★~•~★