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Ford General Manager 24 year car guy. 🚗 #blessed 46 time sales person of the month 9 time sales person of the year! 📈 Crypto Investor/Nerd - ETH-XRP-HBAR-ADA-ALGO Thoughts become things…think about that! Marathon Runner🏃‍♂️ Things I like -Growth Mindset -Goal setting and imagineering life! 🤔 -Food! All types🌮🍤🍦 -Crypto and Stock investing -Real Estate Favorite Quote “The bridge between your dreams and reality is just hard work!” Books I love- Learn to Lead - Brene Brown Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki The Kybalion - Three Initiates 4 hour Work Week - Tim Ferris Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill Influence - Robert Cialdini Atomic Habits -James Clear Clubhouse has been a blessing! Thank you for all of the wisdom, knowledge, and amazing people that I have been introduced to here! Follow me👇🏻 Linkedin - Shane Wood (over 27k connections!)