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Robert Best




‘Into the Wolf’, my first poetry collection, is available at: Intuitive Master, Hedonic Engineer, Poet, Author, Strategist & Consultant, Possibilian Omnia quai sunt, lumina sunt. “Doubt is uncomfortable, but certainty is ridiculous.” Voltaire “Finding a position of certainty must be a bit like seeing God - overwhelmingly glorious yet totally illusory.” Best “The purpose of a system is what it does.” Norbert Weiner I’ve met, worked, broken bread with, and / or spoken with Satish Kumar, James Lovelock, Vandana Shiva, Thich Nhat Hanh, Paul Hawken, Hugo Spowers, among others. Fascinated by everything - a non-exhaustive, unordered list would include sense-making, shamanic practices, awareness & consciousness, Taoism, physics, fungi, crypto, magick, nutrition & fasting, cosmology, neuroscience, Qi gong & meditation, ecology, single malt whiskey and octopuses. Omnia dicta fortiora si dicta sum Previously: Ideas Unlimited, Zoom, Razorfish, Euromonitor, Tullett & Tokyo, KPMG, Professor of English at Sangji University. Lived in: 🇬🇧UK, 🇮🇪Ireland, 🇫🇷France, 🇰🇷South Korea. Now deeply rooted in the Ancient Kingdom of Northumbria. 🎤 Speaker & facilitator 🎓 MBA from Kingston University. 🌼 Certified High Performance Coach. 🔥 Love to write 🖌 🔥 Kabbalism 🔥 Shamanism 🔥 Qi gong 🔥 Quantum physics 🌳 Long walks in the wilderness - including the length of Hadrians Wall in five days with the lovely PJ. See all my published poetry at Proud contributor to Mathew Crawford’s Operation Uplift…