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Shakir Rashaan




✍🏾Author with Entangled Teen/Macmillan Press 🔥New YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance, The Netherwraith Series, debuting February 2023 ✍🏾National Bestselling Author Atlanta, GA, United States 🖤 🗣 Book Coach 📚 New York Times Bestseller Contributor - Simon & Schuster 🔥 Top 10 Amazon Bestseller ✍🏼 Editor and ghostwriter ⏰ 10+ Years in the Literary Industry 🔥(Name is Pronounced Shuh-keer Ruh-Shahn) CLUBS ON CLUBHOUSE: 🏡 Society of NEBU, 🏡 Cavalcade of Authors, 🏡 A Tribe Called Success, 🏡 The Literary Cafe 🖥 intentions on Clubhouse: networking, connect with readers, movie producers, literary industry professionals, and fellow authors. 🌐 📩 [email protected] 🌐 @shakirrashaan on IG, FB, Twitter, and TikTok