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PTR Of The Week: 💋 Servants Serve & Teachers Learn Before Leaders Can Lead *not interested in crypto so please don’t ask* Was📍8A now 8b climate change is real 💍 Isaiah helpmeet 🥰💙🥳 💛 Childhood Cancer Survivor ♾️ Active Community Volunteer 🌏 👩🏾‍🎨Certified Permaculture Designer 🐦 🥚 🐣 🐕 Paw, Chicken & Quail Mom 🐝 🍯 Bee Keeper Apprentice 🖕🏾BIPOC Urban Homesteader & Farmer In A City Downtown 💜Women’s & Youth Mental Health Advocate 💚 VA Extension Advanced Tree Steward Master Gardener Volunteer👩🏾‍🌾🪱 🌲 🌳 $HeySisShai for 💙 & Support F🤑r 👂🏾 4 random gardening & survival pop up giveaways announcements in rooms I may speak in (U.S. only) 🗣🧠 behind “Preservation Of The Human Race” Clubhouse Club Disclaimer (I wrote that 💩 and other clubs templated it 🙃 I’m flattered ) ♣️🏡🎙 Engagements Host of Hey Shai; Salt & Prepper 🗣Food Growers United, The Homemakers Club, Abundant Living & Gardening, The Agriculture Discussion! Tap that 🔔 Don’t forget to catch the replays and clips ✂️ “And now that the reset is done, it’s time for the clubs disclaimer” - Shai, Disclaimer 👸🏾 Queen If you or your club offers titillating or NSFW topics and would like to have a blanket CYA statement instead of constantly addressing “trigged” responses DM me for your official, well worded & tailored $cript for your general conversational needs to be accompanied with your room resets.