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✨WHY. NOT. ME. ❔❕ Follow my club 💪🏽 it’s #FullSircle 💋 The name is Ashaia 💫pronounced (Uh-Shy-Ya) but please, call me Shaii (shy)✨ although ... I’m not shy 🤍 🌞 I represent the light of Christ; I shine wherever I go.✨ 🔐 Upstate NY 📍 | Model 🦋 , Writer 📝📚 | Future Traveling RN 👩🏽‍⚕️/DNP , Future Massage Therapist. Future Businesses being birthed | #ILoveMeILoveYou 💞 God first ☝🏽 👏🏽 Owner of “Wednesday’s Mental Health Check-In: Open Forum” scheduled for Wednesday’s but my DMs are open everyday ✨❗️ 💫|* the traumatic event that transpired in our life is NOT the narrative of our future, it’s a chapter in our life’s story. We will turn the page 📄 and continue on our journey, it’s not over until God says so*| - BAI Shaii ✨ Blessed/Beautiful And Intentional/Intelligent $AshaiaSW - 🟢 @Shaiii-Williams - 🔵