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Sergio d’Arpa




The man of Digital Twins. CEO of Klinik Sankt Moritz, the first fully-digital Clinic. Specialist of Digital Twins in healthcare. 🇨🇭 based in St. Moritz ⛷ DATASAVELIV.ES Collecting health data of our Users Creating their Digital Twin Analysing it with Artificial Intelligence systems That’s how we predict the future trends of their health. Digital Twins can be connected to 100.000+ devices, 2 millions of Apps and integrate the results of -Omics sciences and microbioma tests. HEALTHANYWHE.RE Your health, anywhere. We make 4P* medicine real. (Preventive, Participative, Personalised and Predictive). INNOVATING MEDICINE From weight+temperature to millions of information intertwinned to get a vision wider than ever before. For Physicians/MD International certifications, training and the opportunity to prescribe Digital Twins. For info: [email protected] Meet our Digital Twins: PROMETHEUS The Digital Twin starter pack (3 devices) DIGITALCOLONOSCOPY.COM Non-invasive remote colon cancer screening. SWISSAEROSPACE.COM The high-performance Digital Twin by the Aerospace Division of Klinik Sankt Moritz. Protecting private jet pilots. 📬[email protected] 📢 📢