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深信世界美妙豐盛是一種創造意念🥰🪄🙌🎡🍄💞Oneness gratitude Now n Here🧘 I am that I am🌹 心眼創造🌌 我思故我在🌟 All I have to dream is lucid dream~~~~~~~~~~~💫🪶🦋👼🌻🥳🤖👻🤡🎰🪅🪆🎲🎃 造夢的藝術家🪄🧚‍♂️🌿 最愛🎬🎥Inception, 🎬Lucy 2046、Vanilla Sky ☁️ Netflix 🥰🎬 👍🏻🥰😍A Trip to Infinity ♾ The Secret Field of Dreams🎬 In My Dream👍🏻👍🏻🥰 Dreamseller,Paprika, 2001 A Space Odyssey🚀 Nobody's Looking The Matrix🎆 The Game🎬 The Thirteenth Floor Mr. Nobody The Holographic Universe 🙌 My Favorite Books List 👇📚❤❤ Dream, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment By Jane Roberts 賽斯書~夢.進化與價值完成🥰🙌 Three Magic Words 📖📚 by U.S. Andersen 阿米星星的孩子🌟 📚💖超靈七號的小書 被討厭的勇氣📖 唯識~新的意識科學 The Power of Now Busting loose from The Money Game Conversation with God📝📖 I am , I Create by Erin Werley Datre transcripts 👽 Studying ~夢瑜珈&清醒夢 OBE 🙌Out of Body Experience Ayahuasca🍵🍃🌱🍀🌿🏡🙏🏻 偶像~莊子🦋 列子 奥修 Bashar👽叔本華 Dartre💡 Robert Monroe👤