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Serena Michaels




Aerospace, Comp Bio, Chem (PhD), Tech Originator, Gliast, Generally curious character :) Active in defense related AI efforts advancing new capabilities in collaborative autonomy Actively pursuing interests in understanding astrocyte function in neural synchrony and higher cognitive processes Curious about synthetic biologically inspired developmental protocols to growing complex information processing networks as an approach toward embodied cognition systems Active contributor to Science Society WAF Spent much of my career in industrial research environment spanning computational biophysics and novel technologies Favorite topics to discuss in CH (in no particular order): AGI vs Synthetic Life and emergence of consciousness Higher fidelity neuronal and models for AI applications/simulations Approaches to understanding and modeling the astrocyte syncytium and its role in cognition. Origin of life, abiogenesis, pre-rna world mechanisms (from river shore and clay wet-dry cycles perspective), ancestors of LUCA Approaches to Synthetic Life, simulation models, coupling to hardware, role for wetware, non-traditional sensory-actuation coupling loops, self-assembling systems, self-replication, synthetic symbiosis, and the rich variety of ethical concerns with above Telegram: @SerenaMichaels