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Nadia Husa




✨Club House Creator: Club - Empowerment 🔥🔥🔥Change doesn’t happen at the conscious level, which is why we find ourselves in the same situation even after listening to a million podcasts and reading a shitload of books. All memories, habits, emotions, learning and change happen at the subconscious level. Sooo… In order to create transformation, we have to involve the subconscious mind! As a HYPNOTHERAPIST, I help you gain confidence, release fear, shame and guilt so that you can step into your power and live FEARLESSLY. For decades, I unknowingly, morphed myself into what others wanted me to be and do. I was looking to others for their approval, acceptance and validation. The more I did this, the more I attracted people in my life that took advantage of my “kindness”. It was CRIPPLING to play small and live in fear. This is where my passion is born. 🔥 💪 After just a couple of sessions with me, my clients have made MASSIVE shifts in the area of work, health and relationships. 🇨🇦 ✅Child & Youth Worker ✅NLP Practitioner ✅Hypnotherapist ✅Empowerment Coach ✅Mindfulness Program Facilitator ✋Boundary Setting 🤔Exploring Beliefs and Values 🙇‍♀️Self awareness 💞Self Love 😴Goals and Dreams📅 🔥 FOUNDER of the Empowerment Club 💪 Co-founder of TRANSFORMATION CENTRAL If you want to be MINDFULNESS CERTIFIED, DM me…⤵️ ➡️Want to understand people better while remaining rooted, despite the chaos? Join my 12 week evidenced based Mindfulness Program! What a game changer! Other than improving your mental, emotional and physical health, you will be a better... ➡️Partner ➡️Leader ➡️Parent ➡️Friend 🙏🏻 Trauma survivor 🍀 Holistic Health Advocate 💜💜I draw from my expertise in the areas of neuroscience, spirituality, quantum physics, mental health and empowerment in order to help you tap into the best version of yourself. 🔥🔥