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Self-Esteem Queen




✊🏾 *Servant Leader - not trying to be popular; nothing to upsell* Jayla The Self Esteem Queen®️ MBA, M.Div. - I teach people how to be Better Human Beings. Retired: Motivational Speaker (20 year career) Retired: Rescuer of sex-trafficked teens (18 year career) 🎬 about my work in sex trafficking: Skin in The Game - 🏆 of 2019 Pan African Film Festival (available on Amazon Prime, all Cable on Demand, and YouTube) The Cause: SEQ HOPE Foundation - we teach EQ to youth across America & provide suicide and depression prevention solutions to youth across the 🌏. Leader in 🏳️‍🌈 mentoring 🕯️ for the Cause: Light The Mood®️ We make premium luxury candles and employ survivors of sex-trafficking. All proceeds go to the SEQ HOPE Foundation and are tax-deductible. Healing in the Trap™️ Reiki & Energy Healing Boutique Located in California