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The ring around my profile picture is to raise awareness about the #TigrayGenocide happening in Ethiopia. /š˜€š˜‚š—µ-š—³š—®š—µ-š—»š—²š—²/ in English šŸ‘€ <she/her(s)> Startups | Tech | Africa | Comedy | Politics | Mindfulness & Mind Exploration | R&B | Keto ā€¢ š—¦š˜š—®š—暝˜š˜‚š—½ š—–š—¼š—»š˜€š˜‚š—¹š˜š—®š—»š˜ & š—”š—±š˜ƒš—¶š˜€š—¼š—æ - Biz Dev, Strategic Partnerships & Growth ā€¢ Startup Ecosystem Builder - š—”š—³š—暝—¶š—°š—® š—™š—¼š—°š˜‚š˜€š—²š—± ā€¢ šŸÆš˜… š—³š—¼š˜‚š—»š—±š—²š—暟Ŗ; affordable air travel, p2p marketplace, & co-living. ā€¢ š—¦š˜š—®š—»š—±-š˜‚š—½ š—°š—¼š—ŗš—²š—±š˜† š—½š—暝—²š˜€š—²š—暝˜ƒš—®š˜š—¶š—¼š—»š—¶š˜€š˜, curator & organizer in the SF Bay Area. š™²šš˜šš–ššŽ šš•ššŠššžšššš‘ šš / ššžššœ ššŠšš šššš‘ššŽ ā€œš™²š™¾š™¼š™“š™³ššˆ š™²š™»šš„š™±ā€ (šŸ‘‰šŸ½ šŸ˜€ šš’ššŒšš˜šš— ššŠšš šššš‘ššŽ šš‹šš˜šššššš˜šš– šš•ššŽšššš), šš ššŽ šš“ššžššœšš šš‘šš’šš ššŠ ššŒšš˜šš–šš–ššžšš—šš’šššš¢ šš˜šš šŸ·šŸ¶šŸ¶,šŸ¶šŸ¶šŸ¶+ šš˜šš— š™²šš•ššžšš‹šš‘šš˜ššžššœššŽ ššŸšš’ššŠ š™°šš• š™¶šš˜šš›ššŽā€™ššœ šš’šš—ššššŽšš›šš—ššŽšš! šŸ‡ŖšŸ‡¹ Ethiopia > šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦ Canada > šŸ” š—¦š—®š—» š—™š—暝—®š—»š—°š—¶š˜€š—°š—¼ šŸ“ Medellin, Colombia šŸ‡ØšŸ‡“ āœ‰ļø [email protected] šŸŖ„ šŸ’² sefanit šŸ—£ Listen, everything is made up! So go & build! Follow/Room Presence ā‰  Endorsement