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Sean Waters




“The real journey of discovery consists not in going new places, but in having new eyes [and ears]” - Marcel Proust ———————— 🎓 M.A. Philosophy / Religion (2008) 🎓 M.A. English Education (2012) 📍Northern Colorado, USA 📖 learning design, comparative world philosophy, and discussion-based teaching. 👋 On a mission to help lifelong learners cultivate wisdom, live well, and do good by waking up. 📚Bibliophile. Lover of comparative approaches to wisdom: our capacities to live more skillfully and make decisions that matter. 🤓 Masters in Philosophy was on comparative epistemology and mental health (Buddhist and Scientific approaches to wellness). 🤓Masters in Education was on using YA Lit to do philosophy in high school language arts classes. —- 👨‍🏫 Writing and Humanities Faculty (Full time at CSU since 2008) 🧙‍♂️Practical Wisdom Workshop Designer and Facilitator (Labor of loving-kindness since 2020) 🌐 ———— ❤️ 🧠 🌱 ———— Inspired by : 🧬 — 🏕️ — 🌞 —And some humans: Socrates - Aristotle - Epicurus - Buddha - Lao Tzu - Kierkegaard - Nietzsche - James - Dewey - Held - Wolff —— Always curious…