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Sean Mann




Co-founder of RP1 VentureBeat Metaverse Panelist Helping create the spacial internet also know as the Metaverse. Revolutionizing the real-time network server architecture and database systems achieving 200-500x more efficiency with the creation of “Statabase” Imagine Roblox running on 200 servers instead of 20,000 servers for millions of concurrent users. Architecture for real-time applications that allows 4k-50k users per server. The true Metaverse is coming 100s of millions of users and applications in one shardless world. Run Audio chat applications with >100,000 real-time concurrent users on a single server Millions of IoT devices and autonomous vehicles on a very small server footprint. True smart cities are possible no longer needing millions of computers. Full mapping system for AR/VR real-time applications. Over a decade in the making, we have solved the limitations of maximizing the use of a server CPU, threading, memory utilization, and bandwidth allowing for 100% linear scalability with the creation of a Statabase which will change the way we create real-time applications for the future. Sign up for our demo at RP1 platform will allow developers to focus on creating content and experiences without the barrier of expensive network/server/data costs enabling 90% + savings from AWS, Azure, etc.