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Sean Robertson




🧠Strategist, sensemaker, advisor, Consultant, business grower, coach, and facilitator from the healthcare/start-up world. I design “big moments” of organizational “A-HA” alignment as a master of ideaspace. 🏡 @health.reconsidered Club contributor and Podcast host 🇨🇦🇺🇸Healthcare, Medicine & Tech | Leadership, Change & Complex Challenges ⚗️Chemist by training. 2x health startups - cardio and neuro. Fmr. Healthcare Practice Lead @syntegrity focused on health & pharma to solve ‘wicked’ complex problems. Now focused on teams and strategy as a Senior Consultant at GENYX in the UAE 🩸I’ve worked directly with patients at the cutting edge of clinical science. I lost two grandparents to Alzheimer’s and two to cancer. I joined @cogniciti to leverage big data to find and personally engage/counsel people to get involved and advance science around dimentia. Cogniciti’s assessment is predictive for cognitive impairment ages 20-95 and is a free online test that anyone can take. 🐉Cynefin nerd who thinks in systems and networks - structure-property relationships between people and parts Connect with me for: - Deep talk about healthcare, science, energy, psychology/motivation and people - Networking in Europe, MENA, or North America - Making connections and Abstracting Lessons across situations and sectors - Your Org is at a critical moment 🫀I spent 2020 and 2021-to-date helping people facing down healthcare’s biggest challenges stay sane & connected to their purpose, people, and patients to make the best decisions possible. 👂🏽Listening with Empathy first to understand and diagnose challenges - business and otherwise - second. 🧨Uncanny knowledge of when you need to build a railroad (go slow to fast) or use a stick of Dynamite🛤 Currently in 🇦🇪UAE and born 🇨🇦 📚Authors and thinkers I love: - Dave Snowden - Davids Komlos and Benjamin - Richard Rumelt - Peter Drucker - Simon Wardley - Stafford Beer - Frederic Vester On the side 🧬science nerd 📚Reader ⛵️Sailor 🏸Squash