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Business development and strategies, Sales coaching & training💰Content Creator💡, Podcaster and Producer🎧🎤, Investor💵, note taker📓 More fun than a barrel of monkeys🐒. Text me 808.364.9906 (yes it’s a real number) 🍕 I made a couple hundred bucks today... I’m not a zillionaire. I don’t run an 8 or 9 figure business. “I’m not ClubHouse Rich” 🎬With over 2,500 YouTube videos on sales, persuasion and body language... I will always have something good to share. Learn email copywriting: If you need ideas on videos, blogs, podcast or anything similar check out the content creation cheat sheet. I used this framework to create over 2,500 YouTube videos: 🎤Host of the How To Sell Show. The podcast about high performance salespeople. You can find the show at🎤 👉🏻Running notes for Clubhouse👈🏻: You can find me in Northern California ☀️ (Sacramento) or 🤙🏻Oahu at the Beach. I love the Aina of the North Shore. #tacos🌮 #ribeyes 🥩 # Hawaii 🌺 #surfing 🏄‍♂️ Topics open for discussion as a moderator or as an expertise: Business Negotiation Sales / closing sales Sales training Deal making Jv / joint ventures Influence / influencer Copywriting / copywriter Psychology Persuasion Hawaii / Oahu / Maui / Kauai Core friends: Deb Cole - @coachdeb Dr Fern Kazlow Dr K - @drfernlazlow Kristel Beilby - @kristel_beilby Liana Ling - @leadgenqueen Adil Amarsi - @adilamarsi Jason Sisneros - @jasonsisneros Business hero’s and Mentors: Jon Benson - @jonbenson Roland Frazier - @rolandfrasier Todd Brown - @toddbrown Jay Abraham - @jayabraham Rich Shefren - @richschefren Steve Sims - @stevedsims Elon Musk - @Elonmusk Cash app and Venmo Scott Sylvan