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My new book entitled The 10 Secrets to Detaching from Toxic People has officially launched on all platforms! Check it out also Interests... -impacting lives -sports (hoosiers, pacers, bills, irish) -entrepreneurial ventures (invested in my first Airbnb property this year in Dakar, Senegal. Safari & tour package included) - Graduate of The Ohio State University -Writing (2 books πŸ“š released on all platforms) -Launched a clothing line in 2019 called Your Life Matters to help inspire those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts -foodie (operator of a local brunch eatery near Ohio State University) -networking -learning I'm a #boydad πŸ€— Personal quotes: "Sometimes in life we miss out on blessings because we take people in the room for granted" "It's hard to unburn a bridge once you have already burned it"