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Helping overwhelmed, overworked 😩 business owners build easy-to-use marketing systems that attract (& keep!) more customers & increase profits 💰 Marketing Strategy Consultant & Automation Expert | MasterPlan4Success - - - - RESOURCES FOR YOU - - - - 👨👩 Sick of dealing with bad customers? Discover how to identify your PERFECT customer. DM me “PERFECT CUSTOMER” for a free copy of my workbook What You Need To Know About Your Ideal Customer To Make Them Pay Attention & Buy. 🧲 Learn how to create a lead magnet that attracts your perfect customer. DM me “LEAD MAGNET” for a free copy of The Guide To Creating Lead Magnets That Convert. 💥 Get more leads, keep more customers, & increase your revenue by automating the marketing system every small business must have. DM me “AUTOMATE” to see if you qualify working with me and my team. 📲 Text CLUBHOUSE to 812-304-4500 to be notified when we open new rooms 🎥 Free video series: The 3 Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Small Business … And How To Fix Them. Get immediate access at - - - - GOT A PROBLEM? LET’S TALK - - - - ❓Overwhelmed by all the ways to do marketing? ❓Wondering which methods YOU should be using? ❓Is your current marketing not getting you more customers? You’re not alone. I experienced the same feelings and had the same questions early on in my first business. Good news! It doesn’t have to be that hard! 🙋DM me “STRATEGY” for a complimentary 45-minute marketing strategy session. - - - - CONNECT WITH ME - - - - 🖥️ 🔗 LinkedIn: 🔗 LinkedIn: - - - - MORE ABOUT ME - - - - 🏢 Serial entrepreneur 📧 Keap (Infusionsoft) Certified Partner ✳️ Co-moderator of the longest running CH room 🤝 Executive Board Member- Gibson County (IN) Chamber of Commerce 🏫 Past Entrepreneur in Residence - Cedarville University 🎓 Master of Arts in Teaching 🧳 Love to travel 🌳 Love to explore nature 🎹 Play piano & keyboard 📖 Avid reader 🍔 Very picky eater 📍 Evansville, IN ⬇️ Follow me on Instagram