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Saundra Alexis Heath




Gallery owner/director, Heath Gallery NewYork Biz and Visibility Strategist for Creatives Creativity Coach Founder, Show + Sell Your Art™️ @saundra_alexis_heath I am committed to helping creatives get SEEN, HEARD + PAID. -Director, Heath Gallery New York -Pres., The Heath Group -19 years running a NYC artspace -25 years executive leadership in advertising, public relations and brand management I believe that artists + creatives make life magical, inspiring + exciting. They should be well paid for their contributions in the world and not have to fight so hard to make a great life and a good living. I love Clubhouse! I’m interested in: Collabs Virtual Panels Advancing the careers of artists Handmade journals by Black women Networking with other creativity coaches, gallerists, art marketing experts Artist stories Drop me a DM for: 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Free Guide “Show Your Art, Sell Your Art, +65 Places To Share Your Art” -Heath Gallery submissions -Artist/creative career advisement -Artist/creative business development Drop your email in my DM to get on the waitlist for the launch of SOLD™️ - an artist business development program Drop in my DM to learn more about Show + Sell Your Art™️, a workshop to increase your visibility. Need a quick answer to an art business creative business question? DM me. I respond. Seeking alternatives to the traditional gallery system? Want to know important considerations in finding a gallery? DM me. I respond.