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🇨🇦Car enthusiast, Social Media Manager & Administrative Consultant. My business is to make the life of entrepreneurs in the psychedelic, spiritual and luxury automotive niches easier by taking the administrative and social media tasks off your plate so you can focus on the strategic aspects of growing your business What would you do with an extra 5-10 hours each week? Would you use it to take on more clients or would you use that time to pour into your own cup? Let’s find out, shoot me an email and let’s see if we’re aligned 💕💕 📧[email protected] 🦄 40k+ on personal insta -> @Saucywoman 230k followers - @ItsWhiteNoise @TheBossSauceConsulting 🦋Please do not call me an influencer, I’d MUCH rather be thought of as an Impacter! Here to soak up knowledge and connect. Rooms I’m interested in: 💰Business 🔮Spirituality 🏎 Automotive 🪴 Psychedelic therapies/ plant based medicine 🏡 Real Estate and Real Estate Investing *If you’re looking for PPE supplies anywhere worldwide, hit me up. 5cents from every mask sold is donated to the Canadian Nurses Foundation COVID-19 fund for Nurses Ubuntu~ I am because you are We are so connected, yet societal conditioning tries to divide us and have us thinking from an individualistic, me vs them POV and this is the furthest thing from the truth 💕🖤💕 📣☯️Admin of the Purist Group’s CH Club - This started in Los Angeles as a car group by Sean Lee, but has expanded in order to use our resources and reach within our community to make an impact on the world and help those communities in need. Through the kindness of the community and tireless efforts of the @puristgroup Volunteers from the annual Toy Drive, more than 25,000 toys have been donated. Other accomplishments are over 4000 backpacks donated for kids to attend school with, but the need is so much greater than this. Come join the group and connect 📍 Vancouver BC Canada 🇨🇦 🧬 We create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Let us live our life with joy, passion & purpose as this will manifest our true desires. I am Ricki Thorpe I am indigenous and spiritually saucy I am here to transmute and do transmutation work Aries 🌞 Pisces 🌚 Sag Rising/Ascending If for any reason you’ve decided to bless me with money to play with, my PayPal is [email protected] or you can click the link in my IG Bio and thank you in advance 🥰🙏🏽😘 💔Our world lost an incredible soul Jin Yu; our world needed this man @wolfxlion so fucking much! RIP