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Satoshi Inamoto




◉Global business developer who works for Japanese company in med tech industry ◉Leading projects to globally spread medical devices from JAPAN for patients with brain and heart diseases ◉skills: project management, alliance, build up rapport, technical window, field marketing, regulatory ◉Osaka→Tokyo→NY(2yrs)→Tokyo(Yokohama) ◉Ex engineer to develop catheters for heart diseases ◉4th vaccinated on Oct. of 2022 ◉Father, house cooker in the weekend ◉Character : ESFP→ENFJ(Jun.23) ◉Love tennis, walk, US rock, trip, art ◉Like singing funny skits in CH♫ ◉カテーテル医療器(脳神経外科、循環器)・海外Biz開発 ◉英語ふらふらBiz、中文HSK4級 ◉英語部・勝手に小ボケ担当 ◉英語でしゃべりた〜い・小ネタ担当 ◉KOKI's PUB&BAR 立ち寄り  ◉知らんけどTV・早口言葉担当 ◉Onion Room・お話&へん歌(月2) ◉横浜在住(10年)・結構カンサイ人🇯🇵 ◉週末料理人(400種)/洗濯人🥗👕 ◉テニス一生続けまっせ🎾 ◉出会いと学びあるCHに感謝🍀 ◉我叫稻本聪 ◉在钟化公司工作。 ◉我现在负责开拓关于医疗器械的海外市场。 ◉非常关心新科技与新事物的融合。