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Your Sassy Coach for 6-Figure Online Business Owners and Creatives 🧭 From Follower to Leader™️ Club 🎙 TakeBackMondays Podcast ▪️Mompreneur ▪️France✈️USA🌎▪️Living Life On My Own Terms 📲Follow me on LI! If you want to attract PAYING clients, grow a tribe who loves your content, and become a ‘go to’ THOUGHT LEADER in your industry, all while living the lifestyle YOU want, I’m your sassy coach! I offer 1:1 business and career coaching, run a club called From Follower to Leader ™, and teach and speak about: 🎯 Attracting the RIGHT audience 🎯 Producing content that CONVERTS 🎯 Growing the right way to MAKE $$$ 🎯 Becoming known as a THOUGHT LEADER in your industry 🎯 Selling like a pro - you were born to be rich 🎯 Retaining customers using Linkedin as your funnel WANT TO LEARN MORE? DM me on IG or join the From Follower to Leader ™ club: Check out my Linkedin Services: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Connect with me on other platforms too (I am the only "offical" krista mollion)! //SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: //JOIN MY SASSY COMMUNITY: //WORK WITH ME: //GET A FREE BRAND AUDIT TO SEE HOW YOUR BUSINESS STACKS UP: //LISTEN TO MY PODCAST FOR BUSINESS BOSSES: //SIGN UP FOR MY MAILING LIST: Follow me on Instagram! Languages: 🇷🇺🇺🇸🇫🇷🇩🇪🇪🇸 My Mantra: Be Hungry, Be Humble, Be Unstoppable Follow #thesassymethod and #fromfollowertoleader to get my posts Curious if I can help you? Send me a DM on LI or IG or set up a free call here: