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Patruni Sastry




Pomosexual , Gender Maverique, non binary, Neo Pronouns : One, Sas, Zi, Thou and Da ūüŹ≥‚ÄćūüĆą Patruni Chidananda Sastry is a Classical Dancer,Drag performer, Folk Singer and Artreprenaur.¬† Patruni started¬†dancing¬†since¬†the age of 7. Patruni Sastry unique style¬†called "Expressionism" is a new way to tell stories of awareness to the¬†society .Patruni Sastry contributes Sas's attribute of dance with many organization¬†like Mobbera Foundation, Mental Health Organization, Good Universe ,Mist¬†,Namma¬†Pride ,¬†Human¬†Library¬†and¬†the¬†Humsafar¬†trust .¬†Sas has also been part of many dance festivals including Golden Beach Festival, Kalpashree dance festival and so¬†on .Patruni also used his skill to bring in visualization to complex numerical and conceptual subject and processed a new way to represent data. Patruni also created a new style of poetry reciting and¬†storytelling.¬†Patruni has worked on a unique style of dance called the "Expressionism ‚Äúwhere¬†Sas believes to radiate social awareness through¬†dance. Patruni Chidananda Sastry¬†believe¬†in channeling their dancing urges in order to produce unique footsteps. Sastry‚Äôs inspiration for his work is the miracle of life and interest to learn more. Working as an Analyst in Deloitte Hyderabad, makes him relate business with dance. SAS is a Classical dancer who¬†love¬†to perform in boardrooms and business meetings, which allows his perspective as an artist to remain contemporary yet traditional. Dance is how¬†he¬†battle¬†against the complexity of numbers and offer new ways to visualize the data to clients. Patruni has also been performing Tranimal Drag under the drag name of¬† Suffocated Art Specimen (S.A.S). Sas style for drag brings unique footprints of anti art queen.Tranimal Drag Art has been given a new Indian approach. Website Performances Music on Spotify Films Speaker at Tedx IBA Banglore Tedx Vbit HYD Tedx Mlrit Tedx youth Dps rkpuram Tedx youth Vanarapettai Hyderabad Literature festival Pecha Kuccha night Human Library Hyderabad/Banglore Keynote speaker at Bits pilani panijim, IIT HYDERABAD, Indian School of Business, IBS hyderabad, IIIT hyderabad and few more. Interviews featured on Times of India, Guardian, Live mint, Papermag, Provogue,The Hindu, Deccan Chronical, Hindustan times, First Post, Provoke, GSW, Bombay Review, VICE, Outrage, Pink News, Asia Nikkie and more Photobooks: Available on Kindle