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Dr.Sarhan Soliman



friends Economics, and Agricultural Economics , in Agricultural Economy Research Institute , Agriculture Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt. President of (Thinkers) Center for the scientific Studies and Researches. *Specializing in: - International trade and economic blocs. and Foreign marketing. - Climate change, green economy and organic agricultural products. - Water security, food security. - currently situations in local and international trade. - world economic. - sustainable and development - Qualification : master in the Egyptian foreign trade with “ COMESA”, PhD in the Arabian foreign agricultural. - interesting of development in Egypt. * I am a writer in many magazines, and reviewer in many local and international economics journals. - Egyptian thinker, hope to help bulging a new Egypt. - Reviewer for many local and international scientific journals. For connect me: - you can contact me only on what’sApp No: 00201000493497 Email: [email protected] * my academia page: - - - Fb : - Telegram: - LinkedIn: YouTube: thank you very much for following me