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Attorney turned entrepreneur. Social media specialist helping women market their business beautifully & consistently online. 👩🏽‍💻Founder of Bespoke Social Co. 📈 Value > vanity metrics! 💻 Learn more at! ____ FREE CLUBHOUSE NOTES! ✦ Apps & Tools for biz owners & creatives 🗒Available in my IG bio! ____ DIGITAL RESOURCES: ✦ Free IG Guide ✦ The Content Planning Kit ✦ The Hashtag Strategy Mini-Course 💡Learn more: ____ SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES: ✦ Audits & Strategies ✦ Management ✦ Coaching 👋Learn more: ____ FIND ME ON YOUTUBE! ✦Social media & mindset tips, tricks & strategies for entrepreneurs! 📺 Bespoke Social Co. ____ CONNECT: 📲 DM: 📧 EMAIL: [email protected] 📆 FREE CALL: ____ MODERATING CLUBHOUSE ROOMS ON: ✳️Social media tips & strategies ✳️Content creation ✳️CH welcome parties/onboarding!🎉 🏠Join my club! Bespoke Social ____ FUN FACTS: 🌽🗽From IN to NY & back again ⚖️Recovering attorney 🗳Political junkie 🏈Former NFL cheerleader (#gocolts!) ✈️Wanderluster | 37 countries 📸Travel blogger (just for fun!) 🇺🇸🇳🇬 50/50 🐶Fur mama ✨Focused on living life to the fullest DMs welcome! Let’s connect!👇🏽