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Sandy Mora



Consultant | TEDx Speaker | Author | Mentor | Trainer Consultoría | Autora | Conferencias | Mentoría | facilitación 🇲🇽 🇬🇧 CH: "EL CLUB DE LA LIMONADA®️"🍈 (The lemonade club) ✅ Re-education for resilience, emotional responsibility and happiness. ➡️ Re-educación para la resiliencia, la responsabilidad emocional y la felicidad. ✅ Helping individuals and teams to become antifragile. ➡️ Ayudando a individuos y equipos a ser antifrágiles. ✅ Mental health advocate and stubborn optimist. ➡️ Promotora de la salud mental y terca optimista. ✅ Emotionally Responsible Organizations ➡️ Organizaciones Emocionalmente Responsables ✅ Liderazgo Positivo ➡️ Positive Leadership ✅ Internal GPS ➡️ GPS interno 📖 Author of "Emotional Alchemy, the art of transforming adversity into gold for your personal growth". (Amazon English). ➡️ Autora de "Alquimia Emocional, el arte de transformar la adversidad en oro para tu crecimiento". (Amazon español) 🎙 Podcast "El club de la limonada, sacándole jugo a la vida"®️🍈 (spanish) 🔹️After +20 years in the corporate world (advertising and Marketing) and after several life tsunamis I found my pourpose and changed my career to work with individuals and organizagions that are truly commited to their growth and want to learn how to leverage change and adversity in their favour. 📚 -Bachelor's degree in Communication sciences - Master's degree in Human Potential Development - Executive Manager at the Happiness studies Academy Alumni Club. ¡CONECTEMOS! 😊 IG in english: @Sandymora.emotionalalchemy