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Sandra A.




Some things I do 🖤 Patient Leader Wegohealth Patient Ambassador GJCF Patient Advocate Neuromyelitis Social Network Patient Advocate Rare Disease 🧬 Disability Awareness Advocate ♿️ Mental Health Advocate 🧠 Public Speaker 📍 Community Builder 📍 NMO Warrior 💪🏻💚 Proud to be RARE 🖤🦓 #doyouknownmo💚 Fur Mama 🐈🐈‍⬛🐾🐕🐕 Accessibility 🤍 💯 Positive Mindset Animal Lover & Advocate ♥️🐾 Foodie 🌮 Coffee lover☕️ Yoga🧘🏻‍♀️ Healthy Eating 🥗 Beach fanatic 🩴🏖 🌊 Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ at heart ♥️ Arts 🎭 Books 📚 Cannabis friendly🌱 Gardner 🪴🌿🌱🌼🌻🌺 Recycling to save our planet ♻️🌎 Equal Rights Anti Racist 🏳️‍🌈 Ally Pronouns - she/her Part time ReSeller • Fashion Reseller📦•Thrifter • Several Platforms• Flipper • Sustainable Fashion ♻️ 🇺🇸American ✡️ Jewish 🇮🇹Italian Liberty and Justice for All 🗽 I’m here to inspire you to SHOW UP EVERYDAY FOR YOURSELF!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ It’s all about your mindset! We/You get to choose your mindset every day. I choose to be positive, and remain around positive energy.✨✨ I help you choose to be a Victor instead of a Victim of your life. 💥 Helping to change the narrative of “but you don’t look sick” and here to speak about it and have conversations about the stigma of saying “I’m disabled” and being comfortable with it and not allowing it to define you because it doesn’t.♿️ Grateful and thankful, living in the moment and sharing my journey with living with a RARE disease.🙏🏻💚 Previous Career• 14 years Marketing Sales Associate for a Fortune 500 Company• $6.5 million in sales my last year• Here to network and make connections with kind, authentic people. 🏡🏡Founder and creator of Empowered Women Empower Women house 🏡& Club ✳️🏡 Currently Moderating In ⬇️ ✳️🏡 Empowered Women Empower Women~ Founder / Creator 🍋✳️ ✳️🏡 Sustainable Leadership ✳️🏡 Genuine Connections ✳️🏡 Disability Dialogue Club ✳️🏡 Victorious ✳️🏡 Rise like a Phoenix Trying to make the world a better place by spreading kindness and positivity everywhere✨ I am RARE🤍🦓& my journey with my condition has taught me to understand truly what’s important in life. 🙏🏻 Why am I RARE? Look up my condition & learn something new, you can save a life. #doyouknownmo 💚 #RARE🥄🥄 PROUD TO BE RARE🤍 Thriving and Striving day by day 🤍✨💚 🗽NYC born 📍Delray Beach, Fl 🏝 CLICK ON MY LINK ⬇️ TO GET TO MY LINK TREE/ CLOSETS 🛍🛍