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Sandra Elidor




CEO | Nonprofit Founder | Speaker | Influencer | entrepreneur | co-moderator I am the founder and CEO of an infertility nonprofit organization call “Filling Empty Wombs.” (Follow the club) Founder of parenting education company “Parenting Plug” I am a Infertility Empowerment Strategist. I create strategies to empower and support you and your spouse during or after your infertility journey.💞 My Clubs Filling Empty Wombs Parenting Plug The Real For Real We help women R.A.I.S.E their voice and tell their story. We empower women to learn from their pain and use it to empower themselves and others. Your life is your story. * Resources * Awareness * Identity * Sisterhood * Empowerment 💬Join me every Monday at 6:00pm est. for our support chat on Infertility. 🏡 follow the clubhouse Filling Empty Wombs - My life is my story and purpose. I am authentic. I speck about my journey. -I am a Women advocate for endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage (pregnancy lost) @fillingemptywombs -I am a Parenting Coach. “Parenting Plug” I teach and empower parents on how they can education their children in the areas of school, discipline and Empowerment. I also coach parents on how to be better parents and step parents. Women health advocate | Parenting Coach | mentor | influencer | creative | content creator 🙏🏾Jesus freak | 🇭🇹Haitian born | Miami raised | 🎓HBCU | 👰🏾‍♀️wife | mother of ✌🏽| IVF mom | Step-mom | Nicu mom| 🐕 mom (coming soon) Nonprofit