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Sameerah Carr




What’s my Name ? Sameerah , a Muslim name meaning talkative, entertaining , friend. (I talk how Silkk Tha Shocker rap when I get excited and speaking about something I’m passionate about 🤣that’s why I don’t say much🤷🏾‍♀️) Who am I ? A spiritual being working on BEING while having this human experience. God (o) manifested. Extremely sensitive. Delicate like a bomb. My religion ? Love-self love, black love , god love What is Your intention ? Truth is always best ✌🏾 Protector Lover Mother Student of Life Entrepreneur Licensed Insurance Broker(16+ years) Insurance consultant (10,000+ hours) {Email me :[email protected]} DM ME FOR B8M tshirts to represent I seek to encourage and inspire [email protected] Inspirational $SameerahCarr “The universe uses US to provide” Love more.