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Matthew Samanie




Servant of God 🙏🏾 Purpose Driven 👑 Eternal Student📚 Motivator💪🏾 Network Marketing Innovator 🔥💎 Entrepreneur🔑 Wealth Generator💎 Financial Educator💎 Investor💎 Financial Literacy 💎 World Class Legacy Creator 🗣🗣 My name is Matthew Samanie and I am the creative mind behind SamanieLegacy, Samanie as in you Saw-money, I create legacies with purpose. I am a mentor for those that want one, a friend to those who need one and a light for those that struggle on the path out of the dark. Follow and experience #MyJourneyTowardsLegacy, which is proof that all goals can be accomplished, dreams can become reality, and legacies can be made with enough drive, knowledge and commitment. I am following the purpose that God is allowing me to choose, using the blessing that keep appearing in my life. Utilizing multiple streams of income that have residual effect is how the creation of Generational Wealth begins. I am creating a network of motivated, positive, like minded entrepreneurs who are creating legacies. We are changing this 🌎 with positivity with every person we are allowed to help. The Renaissance is about to begin!!! $Matt_bdw Be Da Wind - always growing and flowing “Role play your manifestation” ~Matthew Samanie