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Sally Zehil




Makeup Artist/Stylist. I am changing the narrative on women and ageism in Society Here to Inspire, Engage and Impact Please do not request to follow me and then try and sell me crypto as I will politely decline. Thank you My Superpower is getting back up after all of life’s knockdowns I give people the vision and know-how to fulfil their full potential, the way I do that is : My Superpowers are my experiences in life and the tools I used to overcome them all. 💪💯🔥🔥 Recent achievements : 🎙Podcaster- Looking to collaborate. 👙Modelled lingerie in a 2019 outdoor runway catwalk in London - Looking to collaborate with Brands & Photographers 💊 2 X Breast Cancer survivor Domestic abuse survivor Single Mum to a 21 year-old son Modelling TIkTok @sally_zehil68 My Purpose for Clubhouse 🗣Communicate ⚙️Connect 🤝Collaborate 🎉Celebrate 🧠Comprehend 🙏🏻Coach 🎤Advocate For Women’s Empowerment