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Founder & CEO @SAASPASS Clubhouse Club: All Things Cybersecurity Bringing Usability to Security 🏄‍♂️ Move beyond passwords with the SAASPASS Password Manager Cybersecurity & Zero Trust Security & Authentication Usability practitioner. Ask me anything on personal security and enterprise security. SAASPASS has a strong security minded Password Manager and Authenticator 2FA code generator that is free for end users with autofill of passwords AND authenticator codes. It comes with a Security Scan that identifies all the websites and apps that you can add 2FA to it. Making Security a Business Enabler and a Delight for enterprises: • SAASPASS is the only full-stack Identity & Access Management (IAM) platform on the market. • It is built on a Passwordless Architecture & Zero Trust Security Model. The solution includes: • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) • MFA API • Passwordless Authentication • Enterprise Password Manager • Single Sign-On • Shared Access Manager • Shared Authenticator (TOTP & HOTP) codes • Shared Passwords • Directory Services • Access Control Policies • Endpoint Access Protection • Adaptive Authentication • Privileged Access Management (PAM) • Secure Remote Access • SIEM - Reporting & Audit Trail The SAASPASS IAM platform comes with over 100,000 pre-built integrations (the most in the industry) allowing companies to enforce secure passwordless MFA across ALL their applications and digital footprint. This dramatically reduces the attack surface area for hackers and data breaches. Stay safe everybody. We help enterprises meet NIST DFAR 800-171 and CMMC compliance which requires offline authentication. Our CIAM auth product: My Linkedin is: For those on an eternal quest: The greatest gem I got in a Clubhouse room was on the mystic Attar’s (Rumi’s inspirational mentor) famous poem/book “The Conference of the Birds” is that Clubhouse is in fact: The Conference of the Birds - by Attar aka “Speech of the Birds” Wesleyan ‘95 Favorite comedians: Dave Chappelle Bill Burr Norm Macdonald Joe Rogan Tim Dillon Katharine Ryan Nikki Glazer Greg Giraldo Frankie Boyle Whitney Cummings Jimmy Carr Neil Brennan Patrice O’Neal Eddie Murphy Chris Rock Moz Jobrani Ricky Gervais Mo Amer Monty Python