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Mitsuyasu Sakai




大阪、東京、ロサンゼルスを行ったり来たり。 よろずおたく系ライター(設定考証、レビュー、解説、翻訳、脚本、小説等々)。映画も撮るよ。 関大工学部(工学修士)&USC映画芸術学部(美術修士)卒 OSAKA / TOKYO / L.A. Japanese Writer / Filmmaker of Sci-Fi / Mystery / ANIME / Comic / Movie / TV & every nerdy, geeky & OTAKU things. KANSAI U 1998 (M. Eng.) / USC: SCA 2010 (MFA) My short movie "ORBITAL CHRISTMAS" is going around the world of the international film festival circuit, right now. It was officially selected by 52 festivals and awarded by 17 of them. #My popular works in Japan ☆YAKITORI (streaming show), 2023, Writer ☆Orbital Christmas (live action, short), 2021, Executive Producer/Director/Writer ☆Star Wars: Visions 'The Duel' (short), 2021, Writer ☆Ancient G's Frame (TV show), 2021, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Kyokai Senki (TV show), 2021-22, Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Promare, 2019, Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Island (TV show), 2018, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Darling in the Franxx (TV show), 2018, Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Batman Ninja, 2018, Story Supervisor ☆DC Superheroes vs. TAKANOTUME-DAN, 2017, Story Supervisor ☆Bravestorm, 2017, Story Supervisor ☆Frame Arms Girl (TV show), 2017, Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Eureka Seven AO (TV show), 2012, Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Toward the Terra (TV show), 2007, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆OEDO Rocket (TV show), 2007, Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Stellvia (TV show), 2003, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Spiral (TV show), 2002-03, Writer ☆Trizenon (TV show), 2000-01, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Candidate for Goddess (TV show), 2000, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆DAI-Guard (TV show), 1999-2000, Writer ☆Neo RANGA (TV show), 1998-99, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Cyber Team in AKIHABARA (TV show & Movie), 1998-99, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Outlaw Star (TV show), 1998, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Martian Successor NADESICO (TV show), 1996-97, Writer/Sci-Fi Supervisor ☆Remnant 6 (live action, short) , 1996, Sci-Fi Supervisor My Professional Affiliations • Member, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ) • Member, Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc. (MWJ) • Member, Writers Guild of Japan (WGJ)