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Dwayne Anthony Madry




SAHAEL | Sahael comics | Epic Fantasy Writer [email protected] The Bloodlines of SAHAEL Dark Racial fantasy series. Books,Graphic Novels, Comics & Animation. Fantasy/Sci-fi/Horror/Mystical Content Creator Writer/Author Author of the 15 Book Series SAHAEL Sahael, *once* the most powerful nation in Aarde, has been invaded by the Lord Commander Natas and his unstoppable army. Now defeated, enslaved, and oppressed, the people of Sahael are dispersed and forgotten. But the ancient blood still runs in the veins of four young princesses, each unaware of their birthright. As their powers grow, so does their compulsion to restore the splendor of a homeland lost to memory. Facing classism, racism, sexism, and xenophobia, these warriors must rise above their ancestors or risk the ethnic cleansing of their people. If they fail, the Lord Natas will cover all Aarde in darkness. Creator Dwayne Madry has spent the last 18 years creating the world of Sahael with it's darkly fantastic world of racial politics, brutality, magic, and suspense. Enter the world of Sahael and witness a people rising as one to overcome the bonds of enslavement! Praise for The Bloodlines of Sahael: "For my children and all the black boys and girls who need to see heroes that look like them, and for all folks to see the narrative shift!" - Michelle Davis-Dash "Characters are unique and Dwayne provides tremendous character growth for each one. Can't wait to read Sahael in it's entirety!" - Winston C.G. Gates Purchase your copy from my website:(see link below) University of Utah Masters in History/Chemistry