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“Lighting the darkness, one candle at a time.” ✨Infinite creator of unlimited possibilities, embodiment of the Devine Feminine and Masculine ✨ Interested in helping individuals rediscover their authentic selves, unlock hidden knowledge, deep healing, and unlocking abilities/gifts, avid artist and graphics designer. ♣️Clubs♣️ Divine Wholeness Center: Meditations, Readings and Deep Conversation ✨Remembered Skills✨ Devine Seer, Elogi Linguist, Sacred Sounds and Ancient Language Decipher, Mediumship, Galactic Channeling, Energy Healing, Galactic Energy Work, Energetic Grid-work, Etheric Channel, Astral Channel, Boundless Creation, Inner Child Healing, Soul Path Discovery, Past Life Healer, Quantum Creator Healer and Conversationist, Highest Purpose Reminder, Mystic Alchemy, Light Language Communication Healing and Interpretation, Soul Activations, Divination, Akashic Records Master/Keeper, Automatic Writing and Artist, Intuitive, Prophetic Dreamer, DNA Activation, Entity Removal, Vibrational Healing (sound curing), Enigma-theorist And Engmatic Micro-Biochemist, Theogenetics ✨Ram-Honda Hawt Realz Kahs✨ 🌒🌕🌘 Owner of the metaphysical shop Hekate, intuitive energy healing candles and more!! Hekate is working on bringing you cleaner everyday products in an artistically mysterious way. All our items are sustainable and renewably sourced, free of any toxins, parabens and phthalates while staying environmentally friendly. Now providing readings and energy healing, visit our website for more information on the services we offer. 🖤 Short Term Goal: ~We are working on minimizing production waste and are looking towards obtaining machinery to decrease production time. 💪 ~Convert our production printer to Eco-Ink. 🖨 Long Term Goal: ~Obtain farmland to grow our own organic materials.🌱 ~Decrease our carbon footprint. 🐾 ~Going solar!! 🌞 🔥Connect With Us!🔥 Email: [email protected] Bitclout: CamiS TicTok: @hekate_shop Visit our website: Donations are appreciated Venmo: @Hekates_Shop Cash App: $HekatesShop