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Vijji Suryadevara




Entrepreneur, Tech Leader, Speaker, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, AI enthusiast, Space geek, Gardener & Mom. #DogLover 🐕 #WorldTraveller 🌎 #FounderCEO #CTO #Advisor #AngelInvestor ✨️ I speak as an individual not for organizations I work with ✨️ ⚡️VP of Operations - Cognitive Solutions @Tonomus.NEOM ⚡️LP in ⚡️LP in ⚡️Advisor to ⚡️Advisory Board of DevNetwork ⚡️Advisory Board of TAL Radio Founder ♦️BPA Technologies - Content Management Services Startup, raised funding, public acquisition by Moody's group ♦️CareerWaze - AI Startup - AI driver Career Advisor providing personalized Skill & Learning recommendations ♦️ - NonProfit initiative to amplify Female voices especially POC. SheSpeaksBureau has been recognized as "Top 100" in IOT Premier League in the "Media Industry and Analysts Division"🔥 ♦️ - NonProfit 501(c) rebuilding schools and health Infrastructure in underserved communities in India🙏 Past Positions ⚡️CTO @M3LD - User Centric Consent Management Platform @Tonomus.NEOM ⚡️Chief of Product & Head of Engineering, Phizzle Ask me about ✔️ Startups ✔️ Tech Trends ✔️ Leadership ✔️ IoT ✔️ AI ✔️ Edge Computing ✔️ Content Management ✔️ Agile Product Management ✔️ Female Founders ✔️ Angel Investing ✔️ VC