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Sabrina Faris




Ergonomics ⭐️ I fix your posture while you work at your desk and make sure the equipment 💻🖱🪑⌨️ you are using is set up the right way for YOU, 👉 so you don’t get aches and pains while working. ✅ In a nutshell, I tell you how your body should be set up in relation to all of your equipment on your desk. Working comfortably is KEY! 😀🎉 ⁉️ 👩‍💻 Are you reaching too far for your keyboard? ⌨️ ⁉️ Does your neck hurt? What about back, shoulders, and ✍️ wrists? If you’re in pain or your muscles tingle because of your current home office desk setup, ⌨️ 🖥️ 🪑let’s talk. It may be due to how you’re sitting or standing at your desk. ⁉️ Do you take breaks? If so, do you know how often? 👉 👉 You can’t get out of pain unless you realize WHY it’s happening to you in the 1st place. ⁉️ Do you want to… ▪️Work comfortably & pain free ▪️Tailor your comfort based on what you currently have at home. ▪️⬆️ your productivity & sales. ▪️Achieve lasting results when implementing these simple, yet very effective changes. 🎤 How I can help you… 🔵 I take my clients from pain to performance by educating and re-training your brain to be more aware of your posture, the importance of moving (taking breaks), exercising, as well as doing daily stretches and balance activities. How? 🤷‍♀️ ✅ Online & In Person Office Ergonomic Assessment & Trainings. ✅ Health at Your Desk Membership & Coaching Sessions. Your Posture Matters! ✅ Founder & CEO of Premier Ergonomic Solutions (Instagram & LinkedIn) ✅ Certified Ergonomic Office Assessment Consultant. ⭐️Open to collaborating. A good fit would be if I believe that your product or service will align with my business. If we can provide value to each other and our audience, let’s talk. —————————————————- 🔵 I align with people who.. 🤝Treat people with respect and expect that in return. 👊🏻 Takes and gives constructive criticism to learn and grow. 🙏🏻 Is grateful for each day, even if you’re having a challenging one. 😅 Has a sense of humor. 🧠Positive and successful mindset. 👉 Set goals and work to achieve them. ————————————————— 💖 The Mom Link Million Dollar Mom Club Member ⭐️ HNP (Happy Neighborhood Project) Michigan Co-Host 🇺🇸 LinkedIn