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Ryan René Rosado




-10 years in Cybersecurity👩🏻‍💻 -Started in the USAF ✈️, EY & Avanade 💻 - Published 5x in Signal Magazine on Cyber & Innovation - B.S. in Cybersecurity, Utica College, Class of ‘21 - In my career, I am really passionate about IR preparedness and proactive measures, BCDR/disaster management, compliance & strategy, enhancing teams/culture, getting into the cloud ☁️, Women in STEM, problem solving/ working smarter, not harder, and innovation. - I am a Jane of All Trades in Cyber - In my personal life, I am very passionate about embracing new experiences, connections, adventures, traveling, exploring, meeting people, watching and playing sports, and working out/ having a healthy lifestyle. - Disabled athlete with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 🦓